Lean manufacturing audit

The objective of a Lean Manufacturing Audit is to see differently and to emphasize those things you don’t notice from company’s processes and standards, as well as the way in which the quality of the product is acquired. It is astonishing how many things ‘are normal’ and you don’t see them when you are in a familiar environment.

The domain in which we make the audits is closely related to client’s operational objectives and to Lean Manufacturing components’ level of implementation:

  • Process flow

  • TPM

  • Kaizen

  • 5S

  • Visual management

  • Standard work

  • Methods of error prevention

  • SMED – The change of tools

  • The control of materials

  • Ways of solving problems

  • Organization’s culture


Those presented above represent the complete Lean Manufacturing Audit.

The audits can be performed throughout your company or only at a certain level. (for instance, in the production department or for logistics.)

The initial meeting

  • Objective: It is discussed the audit’s objective, establishing the way of communication and the contact person, the cost of the audit.
  • Location: your headquarters.
  • Time: 1,5 hours.

Planning phase

    • Objective:
      • The familiarisation of the auditors with your company: policy, procedures, rules.
      • Establishing the audit’s operational areas.
      • Necessary information during the audit.
    • Place: The auditors’ headquaters.
    • Time: 1-2 weeks, depending on complexity.

The audit

    • Objective: Executing the audit.
    • Place: Your headquarters.
    • Time: 1 – 3 days, depending on complexity. 

The audit’s report

    • Objective: Presentation of the results. Improvement areas.
    • Place: Your headquarters.
    • Time: 3 – 5 hours, depending on complexity.